Pre-release album 14

We bring an ode to the songs when we were fourteen.
No one on one covers…
...but 8 mash-ups of songs from Morgendust and songs from the time we were 14 years old…
We call it a re-dis-cover.

an with 8 mashup songs
a 14 minute short movie
some music videos

Release date:
Friday,  13 May 2022


A 14 minutes short movie

An ode to the songs when we were 14.

Fourteen. The age when you discover, learn, fall and get up again.
That period in your life when you experiment, do homework, get acne, fall in love and when you’re moved by music for the very first time.

During the different lockdowns we had to stay home. We roamed our attics, basements, with shoe boxes full of memories. We came up with the idea of making a tribute to the music we loved when we were 14…


We grew up in the eighties. The cold war, squatters, roller skates, On land, at sea and in the air, and the first computers.

And after years of vinyl and cassettes; the cd. The eighties brought bad but also very good music. The music of our youth.

Recent researches show that the age when your musical taste takes form is, take a guess: it’s 14.

14 is about songs we loved as kids.

Don't Give Up

Spirits In The Material World

All 8 mashups 14.

Press only, don't publish before 13 May please...

Credits & downloads

Music by Morgendust
Produced by Morgendust
Mixed by Iwan Blokzijl
Mastering by Erwin Maas
Artwork by Iwan Blokzijl
Additional Lead & backing vocals by Judith Elders & Cindy Oudshoorn

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Release date:
Friday,  13 May 2022

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‘You can label our style as modern 80’s indie rock.’

80's style indierock

With stories about this world. Energetic, warm, melancholic and sometimes critical. Grown up in the 80’s, they love the sounds of this golden era; it’s in their blood. Talk Talk, Duran Duran, Pink Floyd, Tears for Fears and Peter Gabriel. Nowadays they get inspired by everything good like Radiohead, Editors, Elbow, Tame Impala & well, just good music.

Energetic, driving and diverse

Musically skilled, no stagefright and with enough experience in life to tell a good story or two. So old music for old people? No f*-ing way. Energetic, driving and diverse, they bring high quality musical magic!

As we grew up in the 80’s we love the sounds of this golden era, it’s in our blood. We listened to Talk Talk, Duran Duran, Pink Floyd, Tears for Fears and Peter Gabriel. Nowadays we listen to Radiohead, Editors, Elbow & everything new that’s just good music.

Label it ‘modern 80’s style dark-edged indie rock (they’re really indie, no record labels). Whatever you label it, it’s all about making music, the best thing in life to do since they were born.

In the past they all made music in several bands like Soulstar, City Jam & Band of Glory and professionally as hired guns in the commercial music industry. With PTS, three of five band members played with Marillion in the late 90’s.

We don’t do mic checks and shout our own name.
We’re 98% autotune free.

Five street smart musicians who stand out in the studio and also live on stage. Their accessible, moody and energetic songs make Morgendust an ideal act for festivals and music venues.

Formed in 2018, they released two singles in 2019. Their debut EP "Storm Will Come" was released Friday 13th 2019 at a sold out
Hedon Zwolle

Marco de Haan (lead vocals, guitars)
Ron van Kruistum (guitars, vocals)
Iwan Blokzijl (keyboards, vocals)
Dario Pozderski (bass, vocals)
Andre Swinkels (drums & percussion)