'You can label our style as modern 80’s indie rock or even midlife rock.’
Forty six. The average age. The perfect age to start a band. Musically skilled, no more stagefright and enough experience in life to tell a story. Too old for hipster hawaiian shirts, moustaches, millennial whoops or hey-hey-ho festival anthems. So if you're looking for a band that’s trying to be meta about a captivating blend of literate, visceral indie rock with propulsive, anthemic choruses, please stop reading.
So music for old people? No f*-ing way. Morgendust is not a ‘bluesband’, absolutely no ‘tribute band’, they don’t play classic rock and they’re not into bearded, be-flanneled ersatz blues or overly slow and sensitive singer songwriter songs. But they like to tell stories. Stories about this world. Energetic, warm, melancholic and sometimes critical. About the stupid things in life, dreams, social themes, politics and yes: also about love. And lot’s of other stuff that is important at a certain age.
Grown up in the 80’s they love the sounds of this golden era; it’s in their blood. Talk Talk, Duran Duran, Pink Floyd, Tears for Fears and Peter Gabriel. Nowadays they get inspired by everything good like Radiohead, Editors, Elbow & well, just good music...
Label it ‘modern 80’s style dark-edged indie rock (they’re really indie, no record labels) or even midlife rock. Whatever you label it, it’s all about making music, the best thing in life to do since they were born.
In the past they all made music in several bands like Soulstar, City Jam & Band of Glory and professionally as hired guns in the commercial music industry. With PTS, three of five band members did a European tour with Marillion in the late 90’s.
Five street smart musicians who stand out in the studio and also live on stage. Their accessible, moody and energetic songs make Morgendust an ideal act for festivals and music venues.

Formed in 2018, they released in 2019 two singles and their debut EP will be released Friday 13th 2019 at Hedon, Zwolle.

Marco de Haan (lead vocals, guitars)
Ron van Kruistum (guitars, backing vocals)
Iwan Blokzijl (keyboards, backing vocals)
Dario Pozderski (bass, backing vocals)
Job Noordmans (drums & percussion)

‘Although our lead singer is a drummer too we don’t do that occasional floor tom or two on stage...’

‘We don’t do mic checks and shout our own name.
We are 98% autotune free.’