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Hands video contest

This video contest is over.

Everyone’s a winner!

If you enter the contest you will be:

  • Included in the official Morgendust “Hands” music video
  • If you sing along, included in the official Morgendust “Hands” single released on all streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer etc.) and on radio

Grand prize!

If you send your video you can win the Grand Prize:

A Morgendust Hands Surprise Box worth 75 euros

The winner will be the most original video. And we will be the jury 🙂



Hands, a tribute to the makers of society

Making, building and creative hands. At work and at home. Helping, stroking and saving hands. 

Hands are valuable tools. For the makers who help shape and keep our society running and for all of us to support each other. Making, building, creating and connecting hands.

As a band we pay tribute to these crucial limbs by celebrating craftsmen from our hometown Zwolle. The stories of a chef, farmer, furniture maker, artist, motorcycle mechanic, baker and tattoo artist all come together in the new video clip shot by (Dutch 3FM / Radio 2) photographer and filmmaker Bullet Ray (Raymond van Olphen).


Tips for shooting the video:

  1. Use the best quality on your camera
  2. Shoot the video how you want, preferred is landscape format
  3. The video should be no longer than 20 seconds

Contest rules

By participating in the Hands Video Contest, you indicate that you have read and accepted the rules.

  1. The contest is organized by the Morgendust association. The association also forms the jury. The results are not open to discussion.
  2. The period of participation starts on 04-08-2020 and ends on 01-09-2020.
  3. To participate, you must be at least 18 years old or (if you're under 18) ask permission of your parents when you create the video. By participating, you agree that your submission may be used for promotional purposes for the “Hands” video and you understand that the video can be distributed and streamed on any media or platform imaginable.
  4. Entries will not be made available to third parties. Your email address will only be used by the Morgendust association to keep you informed via a newsletter of all relevant developments concerning Morgendust.
  5. You participate by making a video of up to 20 seconds of yourself in which you do something with your hands and (if you dare) sing. The text that you sing is: Build it with your hands. Your entry will be used for the official video and single "Hands" which will be published on YouTube and Spotify, among others. Send to and use a valid email address. By sending your video to you agree to receive news and updates from Morgendust via our free newsletter. You can unsubscribe at any time.
  6. The jury will reward the best entry with a prize and will contact you via email how the prize can be handed over to you.
  7. The privacy statement as stated on the website also applies to this contest.