Morgendust stops. Indefinitely.

The continuous effort to bring the music to the attention of the audience and bookers, reaching creative limits, and the lack of energy and motivation for 'the next step' are the main reasons for pulling the plug.

"For the past 6 years, we have pushed our boundaries together. Ten singles, an EP, a full album, and 3 drummers have come and gone. The past 2 years have been particularly fruitful and intensive. We wrote and produced our debut album followed by a fantastic tour across the Balkans. From mid-2024, the fire is burning low. And the question is whether it will reignite..." 

"We will experience what 'no Morgendust' will do to us in the coming time and what individually comes our way. And whether there might still be a Morgendust, in whatever form. Only time will tell." 

"We are proud and grateful for what we have achieved, with music that touches not only ourselves but also others. Listeners from the very beginning, fans, friends, family, and all supporters from the industry, thank you immensely for your support, attention, trust, and above all, enjoyment of our music. Who knows, we may meet again in the future, in whatever form." 

Marco, Dario, Ron, Patrick & Iwan